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Personal Development
Our show is centered around developing you into an independent thinker. By bringing successful millennials together, we teach how to think. Not what to think. 
Develop A Skill
Our guests come from all walks of life as high performing individuals. They share their unique skills and talents to cultivate your curiosity and nudge you towards pursuing more, discovering your passion, and opening your mind to what's possible.
Take Action
We provide the step by step guides for producing results with your independent thoughts. Whether it be by pursuing your craft or your potential.
Secret Mini E-Books
The Introvert's Guide to Choosing Events and Meeting New People
Put yourself out there. Not as easy as it sounds, right? The fact is, even extroverts have shy tendencies, it just depends on the size of the crowd. The sure fire way to master connection and comfort is to pick the right places, people, and pitch for your relationships to succeed. This guide breaks down where to go, who to see, and how to get there!
7 Biggest Mistakes Millennials Make When Deciding Their Future, And How To Avoid Them
It's hard to take advice from anyone, let alone people who have never been through what you're going through. As millenials, we live in a completely new world. By leveraging our information and opportunity, we can avoid learning the hard way and model what's actually working. A lot of change is on the way... For you, the best has yet to come.
10 Must-Read Books For Independent Thinkers
With the constant noise and entertainment in today's world, who would think staying in your mind would move you forward? This book list is based on refining ideas for how to think in this busy world. By totaling viewpoints from extraordinary thinkers throughout history, you can make sure the past never repeats itself with you. As you improve you can come back to this list throughout the years. The truth only reveals itself at the level it can be understood. 
Impacted Lives 
Don't take our word for it.


This show is a whole movement! Bringing entrepreneurs and stories of strength and determination to the table is what we need more of. My most favorite episode was the one I did with Josh and Tristan because it brought so much healing to me to share my story with the world. Thank you both for giving us all this platform.


I’m very grateful I came across Mindfluxed material for many reasons. One of which this podcast “wakes” the guests’ in seeing different perspectives on how to grow oneself in relation to their personal, emotional and financial statuses in life. For me personally; this show has reminded me what it means to live outside of my comfort zone and to embrace that.. as we all know that’s where the true growth lies! My favorite episode is episode 002 with Darrin Gibson because Darrin has a great way of delivering material in a way that makes it feel as if anyone can do it as long as they set their mind to do so.


I remember when Josh & Tristan first started this podcast. To be honest, I only listened to the first few shows just to be supportive but then I realized how influential these podcasts actually were. Not only do they talk about building up businesses or how to brand yourself, but the whole picture in general. I’ve learned from their podcasts that to grow career wise, that I need to continue to grow from within. I’ve realized that if I want to chase my dreams of creating my own Marketing Agency then I need to be an evolved individual, truly know myself, have empathy for others, and be able to keep pushing myself no matter what odds are against me. If you’re looking for a podcast to motivate you and make you feel invincible, then Mindfluxed is the show for you.
Take Control of Your Mind & Emotions

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